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Certification Guidance

Filling in the documentation needed for ecolabel certification (e.g. Green Key) can be very time-consuming and cumbersome. Additionally, the requirements can be very overwhelming and often a personalized roadmap has to be made in order to comply to all criteria. The consultants of Ecotel Consultancy are specialized in this matter and will save you from this hassle, saving your hotel time and money. Find out more. 

Food Waste Audit

Preventing food waste should be one of your top priorities. Food cost accounts for around 25% of a hotel’s revenue, that is enormous. Reducing this food cost with only 2% can already translate in huge savings and a growing profit. However, this is a very challenging task without having a concrete plan and the necessary knowledge. Therefore Ecotel Consultancy uses specific tools to fight food waste.

Sustainability Consulting

We strive for a healthy, long-term relationship with you, your hotel and the environment. By doing a tour in your hotel, our consultants will look at the current processes and products to identify more sustainable opportunities that are also cost-efficient. Several alternatives will be evaluated and offered so you can make an informed choice that fits your hotel and its practices best. Win-win!

Strategic Action Plan

Hotel managers often find it hard to translate the corporate environmental policies into concrete in-house actions. Incorporating sustainability into the hotel’s strategy can be a complicated task. Our consultants will help you in this matter by drawing up a 5-year plan that corresponds to your hotel’s possibilities and needs, guiding you to a more sustainable, future-proof hotel.

Certification Guidance

What is an ecolabel and what are the benefits?

An ecolabel is a label your accommodation can achieve by complying to a vast set of criteria. It is a great way of showing your guests your commitment towards the environment. Ecotel Consultancy offers guidance for ecolabels that meet the quality standards of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council such as Green Key, a leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry.


Getting certified with an internationally recognized ecolabel makes your hotel more credible and trustworthy. Tourists value the effort you put into certification which effectively strengthens your reputation and brand.


According to’s 2021 Sustainable Travel Report, 73% would be more likely to choose an accommodation if it has implemented sustainability practices. An ecolabel attracts tourists and gives them an extra push to choose your accommodation.


Sustainability is not only about the environment, being sustainable also means being operationally profitable. Sustainable practices will offer positive returns environmentally, economically and socially; saving the planet and saving money.


Engaging in sustainable practices and communicating about them is a highly effective marketing tool. People will be impressed with what your accommodation does for the environment and will automatically take your hotel into consideration for their next trip.

Why Ecotel Consultancy?

Our consultants are lifelong learners and always keep up with the latest trends, techniques and more in the field of sustainable hospitality. They combine great business knowledge with a strong passion for sustainability to deliver you the best possible service. But the best thing? We GUARANTEE that you will get certified if you choose for us, that is our promise.

How does it work?


We will schedule a call or visit your hotel (what suits you best), to give you more information and listen to your expectations and desires.


If we agreed upon the best choice for you, Ecotel Consultancy will prepare the necessary documentation and everything we need to help the best possible way.

On site:

We will visit your hotel and fill in the necessary forms you need for certification. Meanwhile, we will inform you about everything you need to know about sustainability and the certification method/procedures.


An external auditor will evaluate the necessary documents and compliance with the criteria. Hereafter, a formal decision will be made to issue the certificate. Congratulations, your hotel is now certified!


Most certificates have to be renewed every year which means that the necessary forms have to be filled in again (with updated information) and another audit has to be done. For most of the ecolabels, the criteria change every 4-5 years. As Ecotel Consultancy strives for a healthy, long-term relationship, we are always up-to-date with the most recent version of the criteria so we can optimally guide you.