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2021-04-16 (32)

We firmly believe data is the holy grail in the sustainable hotel industry and the no. 1 tool in decision-making. By benchmarking and creating tailored interactive dashboards, you can make the right decisions and see how implementing sustainable practices is beneficial for you.


Ecotel Consultancy strives for a healthy, long-term relationship with every client. We trust that together we can have an impact and make a difference, for your hotel, your guests and the environment.


Your hotel matters to us and your needs are our priority. It is our mission to guide your hotel in its sustainable journey so you can focus on your core business: treating your guests as kings and queens.

Message from the board

Pollution and waste have always been big problems in the hospitality industry. Now that the hotel sector has to comply with more and more regulations concerning their environmental impact, the question arises on how to overcome these problems.

Ecotel Consultancy will seize the opportunity towards a more sustainable hospitality industry with our exquisite, tailored approach to map, develop and build sustainable solutions together with valuable business and financial insights, guidance towards certification and data analysis.

We want our customers to understand the propriety and necessity of sustainability within their business. We will tackle the hurdles brought by new legislation, more demanding customers and sustainable technology opportunities, so they can focus on giving their clients an amazing experience.

Ecotel Consultancy, the exciting journey towards a sustainable future in the hospitality industry.

~ Joyce De Smet & Pauline Van Beneden

Sustainability is not a destination, it is a journey.
Let us walk it with you.

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Consultant & Operations Manager


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Consultant & Data Manager